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Growing your Secret Place

Learn how to BE with the Lord.

Making relationship a priority

Our faith is rooted in having an on-going relationship with God. His heart longs for connection with us, and we NEED this connection in order to experience the abundant life God promises. Eternal life is to know God and His son, Jesus (John 17:3). To really get to know God, we need to make a space in our lives where that relationship has our undivided attention.

This "space" may be called many different things. Some will call it their daily "quiet time." Others may speak of it as their personal altar. In the Bible, it is referred to as the "secret place" (Ps. 91). Regardless of the name, it is a space in your life where you set your heart, mind, and will on being aware of the presence of the Lord Most High. Your sole desire is to BE with Him, to experience Him - to touch His heart and allow Him to touch yours as well - intimacy!

It's simple, but not easy!

Having space where you are focused on connecting with the Lord SOUNDS simple enough. And truthfully, it is simple - but it doesn't mean it's "easy."

Let's face it, our lives are filled with all sorts of demands, thoughts, and temptations that pull our attention and affection away from the Lord. Even if we commit to making the time for this, we can find our focus wandering off.

Another challenge is that stillness can make us painfully aware of our "broken places." An intimate connection can bring about uncomfortable conversations. Mankind's immediate response after the fall was to cover their nakedness and hide from God. We shrink back from intimacy because we doubt God's perfect ability to love us in our "imperfect" state.

To make matters worse, the enemy of our soul then comes to turn our quiet time with the Lord into a cumbersome religious chore rather than an intimate encounter. We engage in spiritual disciplines like Bible study, prayer, or reading a devotional, out of a sense of duty rather than heartfelt devotion. Performing these disciplines becomes the "end" rather than the "means" through which we have genuine interactions with God.

Posture - not performance

Despite these challenges, learning how to "be" with God is of paramount importance. Remember, it is through this connection that you will find life.

The great news is that God longs for connection with YOU! He paid the price so that intimacy can be restored. You really can have a strong, life-giving relationship with Him - if you want it.

Building intimacy with God is less about the things you might DO in an effort to connect. It's more about the attitudes of your heart and how you approach your relationship with him. Here are some of the ways you can posture, or position yourself to pave the way for intimate encounters with the Lord.

  • Be intentional - set your will to seek Him.
  • Be hungry - don't settle for what you already know, have a sincere passion to get to know God better.
  • Be humble - recognize and express your need for Him.
  • Be still - wait on the Lord.
  • Be open - take some time to empty yourself of your own agenda. Let God lead.
  • Be undivided - have a calm commitment to lay aside any and all distractions.
  • Be expectant - believe that God is present and will engage with you.
  • Be sincere - bring your full self into this. There is no need to hide or try to impress God.
  • Be worshipful - this is a heart posture of gratitude and adoration towards the Lord.
  • Be honoring - the Lord IS with you, regardless of how you may feel - respect his presence.

Above all, be committed. Living from the secret place is a learned lifestyle of seeking His Kingdom above all else. It's bringing all of life under the covering of that connection.

Feeling stuck or struggling in your relationship with God?

As you cultivate, or develop, this quiet space of intimacy with the Lord, you will find it easier to live from His presence. You get to know Him better, but you also get to know how He moves in and through you - allowing you to more readily recognize His promptings throughout your day. This is what the Bible refers to as "being led by the Spirit."

If you are having a hard time making that connection with God, we want to help! If you would like prayer, counsel, or mentoring support, please contact us.