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Foundations of Faith

Embracing truths that get you rooted and built up in Christ

Beliefs form the foundation of our life

Whether you are actively aware of them or not, we all have existing mind-sets, or a "belief system" about God, ourselves, others, and the world we live in. These beliefs can be helpful or harmful. They can be rooted in truth or born out of lies.

Our belief system develops during childhood. Our experiences serve to shape what we will later determine to be "truths" - whether they are really true or not.

Overtime, these beliefs create a "lens" or "filter" through which we view all of our circumstances. We select and focus on the information that comes in and use it to reinforce what we already believe to be true. For example, if I've developed a belief that "nothing ever works out right for me," every time I encounter failure or a set-back, I will use that experience as further proof that my belief is right.

Can you see how such a root belief can be counter-productive and defeating? Is it REALLY true? Does it align with Truth - that is, does it conform to my reality in Christ?

Taking an ax to the root

Throughout our faith journey, we will have the opportunity to discover, confront, and replace these distorted beliefs. It will take courage, honesty, and a willing heart to participate in this process. We tend to want to defend our position rather than accept the possibility we are wrong.

Often, there are multiple layers to the lies we believe. The Bible refers to these beliefs as strongholds. These beliefs go deeper than intellectual thoughts - they have become our "default operating system." They affect our thinking, our attitudes, our feelings, and ultimately our behavior.

Anything that is not of Christ has to go. Jesus came to give us life abundant. In order to experience all that He has died to give us, we need to be renewed. We need to replace lies with truth, wrong with right! We must allow the Holy Spirit to transform us from the inside out.

We invite you to explore some basic truths about God, yourself, and the world around us. Explore what it really means to be a Christian and live by faith.

At anytime on this journey, should you feel stuck and need counsel or prayer, please contact us.

Resources for a Firm Foundation

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